Account Paths 6

At some point most of our clients need to install some scripts or programmes and they will need to know what path to place in the configuration during the install. Here are the common paths.

Back Up 1

It is good practice to create regular back ups of your web site just in case anything happens to the server and you need to recreate your site.


These questions are all about Domain Name Servers, hence DNS.


Just in case you are wondering - FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. These questions are all about loading files to your site.

Scripts & Databases 2

A common area of questioning is one of databases and scripts. Many questions are very specific and isolated so here are some basic questions about scripts and databases.

Software Versions 4

Questions about versions of software we are using on the servers. All of this information is shown on your cPanel home page.

SSL Security 5

If you are running an ecommerce site without a 3rd part payment provider then you need a secure server using SSL. The common questions are here.